Petroleum Road Transportation

Road transportation of petroleum products is our company’s prime business vertical, and we provide transportation services throughout India for all refineries/PSU Oil Companies and Industries.

Our team is dedicated to providing second-to-none services for our valued clients while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Our Road transport services are certified to an integrated management system covering ISO 9001:2015

Our qualified and trained crew works with precision to ensure proper and secure fuel transfer with no oil spills.

What set Shiny Shipping apart?

Benefits of our services.

  • More Than 30 Years’ experience in logistics
  • Greater Efficiency and Cost Management Resulting in Reduced Costs for You
  • Service that Sets the Standard for the Transportation Industry
  • Leadership with a Track Record of Positive Results
  • Ability to secure capacity to support your supply chain when capacity is limited
  • Providing the highest level of customer service

What We Transport

  • Bulk Petroleum Products
  • Bulk Lubricant Products
  • Jet and Aviation Fuel
  • Marine Gas Oil, Marine Fuel Oil, and Marine Lubricants for the Maritime industry