Main Particulars

Year of Built 2008
Draught Loaded 2.50 Meter
Speed 8 Kn.
Gross Tonnage 740 T
Net Tonnage 292 T


Cargo 1000 KL / 850 MT
Fuel Oil 30.0 T
Fresh Water 40.0 T
Classification IRS IWL OIL TANKER ZONE I for Carriage of Liquid having flash Point above 60° with Restricted Loadline
Main Engines 2 x 325 BHP NT 855 M Cummins Diesel engines
Gear Boxes 2 x ZF make hydraulic reverse reduction boxes.
Generators 2 x 30 KVA
Cargo Pumps 2 x 150 M^3/hr gear pumps driven off Diesel Engine 72BHP each
Cargo Tanks 8 Nos.

Salient Features

  • Flat Deck
  • Can carry 2 grades of cargoes with double segregation in the pipe line.
  • Gear pumps which can pump up to 380 CST products with pumping capacity of 2 x 150 M^3/hr at a head of 25.0 Meter.
  • Independent discharge and loading manifolds on Port & Stbd
  • Fitted with approved type Drip Sampler and flow meter